This isn’t about Labor Day, It’s About Cute, Nasty Starlings.

Shock and caw: Pesky starlings still overwhelm – I have to admit, I love birds. Especially since moving to a rural area where you can go outside your home and see and hear these wild creatures going about their daily tasks of survival. And they are quite fastidious as well as genius at endurance (we humans should possess such astuteness at survival). So when I see an article about birds I can’t help but open it to a read. Thus, the reason for today’s blog.

As much as I enjoy these small darlings who share the Earth with us, there are people who have quite opposite feelings. As a matter of fact they hate the little buggers. How can this be? Well it all boils down to money again… So much of this world’s tribulations can be directly traced back to the almighty buck. It seems these supercilious, masters of survival, can do damage to industry. Yikes, are these poor tiny beasts, in for it now.

The capitalist motto: You don’t mess with business; business messes with you. So little starling you’ve been targeted. But this is one infinitesimal enemy of the Private Enterprise System that won’t go down too easily. Because no matter the weapon devised by the Capitalists these birdies regroup and come back stronger.

Now I know there will be those who will retort my adoration for these animals by telling me I’m nuts, because they’re vermin and cause disease… I have only one comeback for those naysayers on, THEY CAUSE DISEASE… SO DO WE BUB! thinkingblue


Shock and caw: Pesky starlings still overwhelm

By MIKE STARK, Associated Press Writer Mike Stark, Associated Press Writer – Sun Sep 6, 4:36 pm ET

SALT LAKE CITY – The next time the sky darkens with a flock of noisy unwelcome starlings, blame Shakespeare — or, better yet, a few of his strangest fans.

Had the Bard not mentioned the starling in the third scene of “Henry IV,” arguably the most hated bird in North America might never have arrived. In the early 1890s, about 100 European starlings were released in New York City’s Central Park by a group dedicated to bringing to America every bird ever mentioned by Shakespeare.

Today, it’s more like Hitchcock.

Some 200 million shiny black European starlings crowd North America, from the cool climes of Alaska to the balmy reaches of Mexico’s Baja peninsula. The enormous flocks endanger air travel, mob cattle operations, chase off native songbirds, roost on city blocks, leaving behind corrosive, foul-smelling droppings and hundreds of millions of dollars of damage each year.

And getting rid of them is near impossible.


PS: It’s Labor Day and I have a little story to tell about this day, long ago, in my life. It was 1959, I was forced to quit school (because I was one of 5 kids in a low income family) and work in a factory. It was a textile factory and most of the minimum wage employees there were older woman. I was the youngest at age 16. I remember one Labor Day when everyone was eager for the day to end, so they could look forward to their holiday. I thought about this so called “holiday” and how my paycheck would be short a day’s pay because the owners of this factory did not pay employees for holidays. They also were vigilant at keeping Unions from forming by firing anyone who attempted to start one. As we were cleaning up, getting ready for the loud buzzer that would signify our workday was over. I thought out-loud unhappily, “This isn’t Labor Day for us it’s Layoff Day.” Others heard my disgruntled mutterings and as we left they all said to one another as they bid goodbye, “HAPPY LAYOFF DAY.” Hmmm, I wonder if the bosses ever knew who started that?

HAPPY LABOR DAY ALL. thinkingblue

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