Glenn Beck Hates 9/11 Victims Families and Calls Katrina Victims, SCUMBAGS!

Is there no end to Glenn Beck HATRED AND BIGOTRY? Apparently not. And this hypocrite has the audacity to promote something he calls 9/12 project.

When I heard that this joker Glenn Beck was acting as though he was trying to unite WE THE PEOPLE… It made me sick to the degree of needing a puke bucket. Who the hell is this idiot trying to flimflam? We, who have a bit more marbles than the average Fox (you call that NEWS?) viewer… have heard all Becks noxious hyperbole, (that spews almost visibly, like foul breath from this guys pie-hole) before and cant be proselytized by his insanity now!
Becks 9/12 project of Preaching 9 Principles and 12 Values that he says have been lost in the USA today (I could just imagine this crackpot sitting at his Fox Desk, scribbling this crap onto paper trying to make up this slaphappy list …… ) Its bona fide BULLSHIT to the smelliest degree.
See video here:

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LIBERAL AND PROUD OF IT! “Liberalism is trust of the people tempered by prudence. Conservatism is distrust of the people tempered by fear.” - William E. Gladstone
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