WE DID IT! Be a Part of American History


Be A Part of American History

I am so glad that I have lived long enough to see health care become a right not a privilege. I spent my whole life experiencing the misery, people suffer living in a nation that does not believe it is responsible for its citizens’ health care. Too many of us have suffered and died just because we were either born into or through no fault of our own, found ourselves in a low income status. I saw it happen in my own family; My mother who was age 56 when she died of cancer due to not having enough money to take advantage of our superb medical system. She was a nonentity and this happens to young and old. What a disgrace! Now at long last we have opened the door (albeit just a crack) to make health care in our country a right. Thank you President Barack Obama, you have done what no president before you could or even cared to do. I am sending a contribution of $25 to this cause and will wear the health care tee shirt that comes with that small offering, proudly. thinkingblue
PS: Below are the numerous youtube videos I have done over the past year regarding this reform.

The New American Way – Blind Ignorance and Hate Filled Bigotry
March 20, 2010



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LIBERAL AND PROUD OF IT! “Liberalism is trust of the people tempered by prudence. Conservatism is distrust of the people tempered by fear.” - William E. Gladstone
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