The WMD of Pastor Terry Jones

It’s always a treat when we have to plan a trip there, watching the college students’ hurry off to school. Observing or getting caught up in traffic flowing east, west, north and south that most likely heads toward the many jobs that Gainesville provides for its own city dwellers and for the many folk who live in the small towns and counties surrounding it.

Gainesville represents the heart of America with its football games (Go Gators Go!) its newspaper, its churches, (one must travel there to attend a Unitarian Universalist Church, the only one to be found for miles around ) and also for the many events Gainesville plans, year round.

Now suddenly its reputation of being progressive and tolerant has been tarnished (HOW CAN THIS BE?); Smeared by one pathetic little man who wishes to achieve fame by any means even notoriously. This one individual and his handful of followers eagerly, if not joyfully spread around their bigotry, ignorance and hate, not giving a hoot as to whom or what will be seriously hurt by their frivolity. It makes no sense that nothing and I mean NOTHING is able to stop them.

I love the freedoms that we Americans are privileged to enjoy by living here in the good ole USA; liberties like The Freedom of Speech, that is for the most part, taken for granted by most of us who can’t imagine living life without it. But like all good things that are taken for granted it also can be abused and abused it is, by this infinitesimal piece of nothingness who calls himself a preacher. What he is doing is an out and out, act of TERRORISM’ a quest to spread TERROR because he also enjoys this right but in his mind he is using it to invoke HATE and IGNORANCE. In other words, he is using FREE SPEECH as a weapon of mass destruction, not for the annihilation of material things (although that will surely happen) but the extermination of minds.

The greatest unsolved mystery here is ‘THE WHY’? Why are so many willing to grasp his message of HATE? When we, human beings are able to answer that ‘WHY’ we will be able to achieve everlasting peace on Earth. (IMAO ANYWAY!) thinkingblue

City Disavows Pastor’s Talk of Burning Koran

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The WMD of Pastor
Terry Jones

Gainesville, {Fl.} is
a bustling little city that has always represented progressive
ideals and themes. A college town located in the northern part of
Florida, it is surrounded by many rural communities that rely on
it for its many thriving businesses, i.e. medical, judicial,
educational, retail malls and for a wide range of entertainment.
We’ve found
ourselves heading towards Gainesville many times. For prenatal
care and the birth of our grandchild, dermatologist for my
husband’s skin cancer, movie theaters, restaurants and
whatever needs that one cannot find living in a rural place.

International attention over Quran-hating pastor overshadows
Gainesville’s reputation for tolerance
The multicolored ribbons started appearing on
mailboxes, trees and buildings around town Friday, with the
scrum of national reporters and cable television satellite
trucks still parked on the lawn of the Dove Outreach Church.

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LIBERAL AND PROUD OF IT! “Liberalism is trust of the people tempered by prudence. Conservatism is distrust of the people tempered by fear.” - William E. Gladstone
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