America’s Decline?

But that’s what the array of war-mongering leaders has led us into.

Maybe it is time for America to feel what it’s like to have sand kicked into its face, the same way we, the bullies of the planet, have kicked sand into the faces of others.

Maybe it is time for America to feel what it’s like to have sand kicked into its face, the same way we, the bullies of the planet, have kicked sand into the faces of others.

Perhaps then, we will get that heaping dose of what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a giant flyswatter and we will be forced to develop a necessary empathy towards others. Maybe, by becoming just another Nation instead of an Arrogant Superpower we will feel the urge to join hands with any part of the world that want and deserves to live in peace. (There I go again… DREAMING A DREAM THAT WILL PROBABLY NEVER BE!) thinkingblue

One and a Half Cheers for American Decline: The Future’s Not Ours and That’s Good News
Monday 20 September 2010

by: Tom Engelhardt | TomDispatch | Op-Ed

Compare two assessments of the American future:
In the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll in which 61% of Americans interviewed considered “things in the nation” to be “on the wrong track,” 66% did “not feel confident that life for our children’s generation will be better than it has been for us.” (Seven percent were “not sure,” and only 27% “felt confident.”) But here was the polling question you’re least likely to see discussed in your local newspaper or by Washington-based pundits: “Do you think America is in a state of decline, or do you feel that this is not the case?” Sixty-five percent of respondents chose as their answer: “in a state of decline.”
Meanwhile, Afghan war commander General David Petraeus was interviewed last week by Martha Raddatz of ABC News. Asked whether the American war in Afghanistan, almost a decade old, was finally on the right counterinsurgency track and could go on for another nine or ten years, Petraeus agreed that we were just at the beginning of the process, that the “clock” was only now ticking, and that we needed “realistic expectations” about what could happen and how fast. “Progress” in Afghanistan, he commented, was often so slow that it could feel like “watching grass grow or paint dry.”
Now, I’m not a betting man, but I’d head for Vegas tomorrow and put my money down against the general and on Americans generally when it comes to assessing the future. I’d put money on the fact that the United States is indeed “in a state of decline” and I’d make a wager at odds that U.S. troops won’t be in Afghanistan in nine or ten years. And I’d venture to suggest as well that the two bets would be intimately connected, and that the American people understand at a visceral level far more than Washington cares to know about our real situation in the world. And I’d put my money on one more thing: however lousy it may feel, it’s not all bad news, not by a long shot.
Decline Today, Not Tomorrow

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America’s Decline?


When I saw this

posted on facebook, I thought, wait a minute, ONE AND A HALF
HATRED TOWARDS US, that can’t be right, that doesn’t make
sense? But read on… it is correct and not only that, it DOES

We the United States of America
have been bullying our way around the world for some time now.
Acting like we were the only ones that mattered on this block. We
(our different administrations’) have been throwing around
our military might for so long, it has become an acceptable
practice for anyone who we vote into power.

Most of us (the little people)
don’t want our children thrown into harm’s way with the
slightest drop of a FAT HEADED HAT.

We don’t want our media
full of horrible news about the maiming and torturing of fellow
human beings.
don’t want our rights whittled down to a
size that only resembles freedom
we don’t want to feel
hated


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LIBERAL AND PROUD OF IT! “Liberalism is trust of the people tempered by prudence. Conservatism is distrust of the people tempered by fear.” - William E. Gladstone
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