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Rush Limbaugh,The Pied Piper of Dittoland

Featuring The Pied Piper himself, Rush Limbaugh
MSNBC’s Strategist, Steve Schmidt, is the only Republican to speak the truth about Rush Limbaugh’s vicious attack on the young female Georgetown University student, Sandra Fluke whose testimony (her opinion) on why Insurance Companies should pay for birth control, giving several references to other students who needed this type of medication for health concerns other than birth control. Because of this she was maniacally attacked by the professional bully Rush Limbaugh which went on for 3 days on his daily radio broadcast that goes out to his Dittohead listeners… Limbaugh is losing advertisers but still remains on the air to annihilate anyone and everyone who dares to speak out against injustice if it happens to go against his absurd opinions.

Please watch the video that shows there is one brave and truthful Republican out there in Rightwing land that is unafraid of Limbaugh and has spoken out against this bully. thinkingblue

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