The Men Behind The Scene, of Israel-Hamas Bloody War,

playing chess with people’s lives.

Don’t you wonder why Israel and Hamas are playing the same game that kills many and accomplishes little? What’s it all about?

Playing into the hands of Hamas

Israel and Hamas are not equals on the battlefield – not at all, clearly – and when the power to harm or control others is this uneven, it is meaningless to speak about moral symmetry. But as the current onslaught in Gaza unfolds, it is sadly evident that both sides are continuing to respond to real provocations in ways that are not morally right, or even politically smart.

If Hamas thought that lobbing missiles into Israeli civilian neighborhoods was a decent or proportionate response to the grim realities of the occupation, they were wrong. On the other hand, if Israel thinks it can bludgeon the Palestinians into political surrender, or get Hamas – or the Palestinian community at large, for that matter – to acquiesce to military occupation then it, too, is wrong.

There is no military solution to this conflict. Until both sides fully grasp this, the world can expect only continuing violence and vendetta, with civilians on both sides paying the price for leaders who – because of pressure, ambition or hubris – feel that they must do the most damage, fire the last shot or make the most credible threat. Indeed, it is sad, and repellent, to hear military correspondents speak of “teaching a lesson,” “increasing pressure,” “making a statement,” achieving “deterrence,” when those they are reporting on are really trying to control the news cycle, or win arguable (and in any case temporary) psychological advantage, by killing, or accepting the deaths of, people at random on the other side.

More Here: into the hands of hamas

Behind the scenes is just your average billionaire, Sheldon Adelson, (just like Rupert Murdoch) stoking the flames of war (via newspaper propaganda) upon the innocent. People, who want only to live, work and raise a family (human instincts), are used in the quest for power by those who have the dollars (billions of them) to twist and reshape reality to fit their own greedy agenda of achieving world dominance over the masses.  The multitudes can’t fight back they can only run and hide to save their families (they are out resourced in everywhichway but loose). The oligarchs like Adelson (and the world’s oligarchy leadership) seem to win in the short-run but they can never achieve permanency for long because, I believe, this is not natural and Nature cannot support an abnormal state for long.

I know this sounds too simple but that’s my opinion and without a doubt I’m dreaming but it is too damn depressing to think otherwise.



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LIBERAL AND PROUD OF IT! “Liberalism is trust of the people tempered by prudence. Conservatism is distrust of the people tempered by fear.” - William E. Gladstone
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