Open Carry Ice Cream Cones NOT ALLOWED, Open Carry Guns WELCOMED in Kruger’s Supermarkets

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In these convoluted times we live in, people (especially those on the fringe right) believe Healthcare is a privilege, that should only be available to those who can afford it and ownership of gun weaponry, even walking around armed and flaunting guns in everyone’s face, is a RIGHT!

This is insane and we’ve heard it all before too many times… Still it’s hard to acknowledge that America has gone down such a violent road. Wars are not enough for these NRA enthusiasts, they want guns to be available for any person (not any person just those who are white and who enjoy shooting at anything that won’t put them in jail, that sometimes includes human beings, because of the Stand Your Ground or Shoot First laws). We think and believe we live in a free country but if we were to examine how lobbies rule, we would think again, about what we call freedom… thinkingblue

Stand Your Ground: 26 US States Have “Shoot First” Laws

– Shoot First” laws prevent law enforcement from arresting a shooter without probable cause that the force used was unlawful.

Lest we forget, the night of February 26, 2012, when unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin was killed by a madman full of bigotry (George Zimmerman) for simply walking home from a convenience story.

The Right-wing media tried to sully Trayvon Martin, said he smoked marijuana, fought at school and was suspended, suggesting that he was the aggressor; and that he was a bad kid.

As things go today he was the typical teenage boy.

George Zimmerman was no angel. Arrested, for assaulting a police officer in 2005 – though the charge was later dropped. In addition, he admitted to sexually molesting his cousin for over ten years, beginning when the woman was only six years old.

Let us try to forget the legal complexities of the case and the craftiness of the lawyers, and keep in mind the truth of what happened that ill- fated night of February 26, 2012 that led to Zimmerman shooting and killing Trayvon Martin.


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LIBERAL AND PROUD OF IT! “Liberalism is trust of the people tempered by prudence. Conservatism is distrust of the people tempered by fear.” - William E. Gladstone
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