Madness 101 – ISIS Terrorists Executing Pigeon Breeders and Pigeons

When I saw this headline, ISIS Executes Pigeon and Bird Breeders in Diyala, Iraq, I thought to myself, SAY WHAT, NO… I’m not going to go there, it’s getting too asinine for anyone to try to wrap his or her brain around. But, of course the curiosity in me, won out and I clicked on it.
Reading about this latest absurdity though, did get me a-wondering. How do these inhuman bullies that proudly dub themselves Jihadists but are anything but… How do ISIS ( chieftains come up with their moronic, barbarous and bloodthirsty insults to reason? Do the fiendish thugs sit around a room and brainstorm about an even greater, more savage, cruelty that they can and will perpetrate upon their easy prey (or soft targets)?
Really, the GOP likes to throw around the word Hitler… I have a feeling that these juvenile delinquents who think of themselves as a nation of terrorists, are trying to outdo Hitler, in the realm of insanity. However, they will never reach the scale of lunacy that a monster like Hitler was able to reach because they have no other powerful and equally merciless nation to back them up (as far as we know).
Their reign of cold-blooded terror will be short but in the meantime, the pain and the rivers of tears they will leave in their wake, will be horrendous for those of us who possess normal human thinking and who feel empathy towards their victims, for us it will seem endless…


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